suvi päike ja meri - erutavaid ja seksikaid elamusi !


Masing’s Accessories  has created new colorful, moody, joyful and sexy packs in 2017.

Here we want to introduce our creativity this year and give an overview of our thoughts – just about what has been shaped and influenced by us and what we are.

We will continue our work and dedication, create special beautiful packages for the love of love and the human soul – for all our joy and goodness.

2017 Spring – Summer collection models are inspired, meaningful and created from nature, beauty, colors, flowers, love, harmony, balance, peace, joy, springtime, the warmth of the sun, summer adventures, happiness, satisfaction, knowledge, the creation of good and positive energies our life and the surrounding natural environment.

Our desire is to share what we know and know that civilization will develop, i.e. we ourselves. We are grateful to all those people who taught us and shared their knowledge, both good and bad. Thank you!

We wish them success, happiness, peace, silence, love, power, strength and strength in their work and in sharing their personal life or power-channeled knowledge. Who shares with us this good, which we do not know or lack access to, know-how, information. For example, how to do things well, strive for, and strive for the best result, so that we can stay in touch with ourselves and continue to be positive, pleasant and supportive of aura or energy.

For us, this year has been the year of the collection of our knowledge  and self-improvement, we have become significantly smarter people. It also means that we are developing continuously as entrepreneurs, managers, employees, creators, family members, as citizens of our country. We have become smarter and do things more consciously-meaningfully. We want to make our contribution to making the world a more beautiful and better place for people. We plant, create and share our meaningful activities with beauty, goodness, love, wealth, success, benefits, choices, choices, abundance, prestige, peculiarity, creativity, knowledge, satisfaction, happiness and joy.

Your Masing’s Accessories

August 2017