Masing’s Accessories has launched a completely new fabric design packages which suit for size underwear, books, or even shoes. Exclusive packaging are completed by a variety of fabrics in limited quantities, because we used production residues. If  fabric ends, it ends the respective model production. Therefore, we pay much attention to recycling and help to create an environmentally friendly world, because the products have been used for several years. This will reduce the ecological footprint of human activity and the amount of consumption of the frenzy occurs. Masing’s Accessories packages are for knowledgeable people who care about themselves, others and the surrounding environment. Often, we are the problem of where to put the exchange in shoes when we go to the theater or a festive event. Yes some may be suitable as a paper grocery bag, or a plastic bag with the logo. But so many people feel embarrassed when they carrying a package that is incompatible with the festive clothing,  and may affect a person disparagingly. On the offensive, injurious to reputation. Masing’s Accessories creates opportunities for just such people who want to be handsome in any situation. We create packages for those who need to be in harmony with the general appearance of the whole image that you want to  be create. Package sizes are ordered according to the measure of the table.

Description : The standard width of the bottom 10 cm / 4 inch Material : rubberized linen fabric (inner side). Cover material: polyester fabric Handles: raffia